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Blade Artist- Irvine Welsh

Love reading this guys books and got into him through Trainspotting as most people probably did. As with most of his books this one is a classic, Welsh novel. Dark, violent , realistic and funny all rolled into one.
Took me a little time to get my head around the main character, Begbie being transformed from a stereotypical, psychopathic thug from Scotland into a Sculptor in America. But as the book goes on i managed to believe it more as i read. The Beggar { Begbbie} has to come back to Scotland to bury a son that he had nothing to do with after many a year after he was found dead in his flat. Does he return to his violent past when meeting and bumping into some of his old foes when back in Scotland? Read the book and find out. Well worth the read.
Young Marxist at Tescos

Psycho Scottish thug turned into artist...not based on Jimmy Boyle is it? Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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