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Late Doors

Blackpool Home

Thought we were a tad unlucky on Tuesday. Makes three points on Saturday very wantable now though. Who's going to play Center Half? Wooten ? Cooper? Pearce?

Blackpool have just got in a load pf players. Might be to our advantage, might not
Frazier Cranium

They have Lee Clark as manager... Could well be to our advantage.

Cooper and Pearce at centre halves for me but wtf do I know.

About time Cooper got a run out.
I fear that I, like many, have been seduced by the silky ball-playing skills of our Italian acquisitions. Apart from Antenucci, they've all been a bit error prone over the last few games.

That reminds me. Our dog is called Cooper and he needs a run out
Frazier Cranium

Ber-dum CHAaaa

We will go on to win the league now.
Frazier Cranium

If it was a two team division and the other team was Blackpool, I would probably agree and even put money on it.

So why was it a tale of two halves?

Did the opposition change tactics and flood the midfield stifling us and our ability to think and change tactics as a team?
Frazier Cranium

No idea H, Blackpool were still poor but out lot looked like they'd run out of steam, which has to be rubbish really as they're decently fit this season.  The result was never in danger but had it been less than 3 by half time there might well have been some nervous Leeds play.  I don't think the substitutions are the reason for the second half lethargy, as Leeds were already lethargic when Adryan went off.  He looks a great prospect when fully match fit.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

like a lot of people i watched the live feed over the internet which had no commentary or replays

I thought I hadn't seen a leeds team consistently and energetically attack and dominate a half like that in years. They just ran out of steam I think and the subs were the wrong players to bring on in that situation but I can understand NR's thinking
Frazier Cranium

It's far from the first time this season that we have had one decent even good half only to be let down completely by the second half showing.  With due respect to my learned colleague's opinion, it is nothing to do with running out of steam, it's more to do with attitude if anything .  I'm happy Redfearn is in charge but the same problems still apply.  Someone mentioned there is a lack of leaders in the Leeds side.

Agree that the second half malaise must be cured. Perhaps a nice cup of tea (leaves not bags) at half time would sort them out.

Pearce seems to me to be the only natural leader on the pitch. The rest are either too young, not sufficiently established, or in need of a phrase book.

Perhaps we could sell Murphy and buy someone with leadership potential.
Late Doors

There's been a couple of occasions so far this season where it has been a pleasure supporting Leeds United. The common denominator being Redfearn, the young lads and a blissfully shit opposition. For one half game we were outstanding, almost perfect. We all said we could not keep that up but it was effectively game over at three nil. We lost our  energy levels and concentration in the second half but all teams do that when they have the game sewn up. (eg Real at Liverpool albeit on a slightly bigger stage). We also lost our shape and passing fluency which is more worrying. Agree that we lack a leader who can hold things together and that would help but let's not beat ourselves up here. How many times have we been battered in the first half to go in three nil down at half time. We don't kid ourselves when we 'win" the second half. Certain managers might but most fans don't.

Got to tell you about a bit of a sting. Two Saturdays ago Huddersfield were four points above us and as is the case the natives were getting giddy. A mate of MDMs and mine said to one of them that by next Saturday i.e. last Saturday   we would be above you. Sure enough one dope grabbed it AND accepted 10/1. What the clown had negated to think about was that they had two difficult away games and we had two winnable home games and our goal advantage would be better if we made up the points. Sure enough our mate is a hundred quid richer this week.
Frazier Cranium


Frazier Cranium wrote:

Frazier Cranium

Damn keyboard, someone moved the S


But a Renault would have been tres bon.  Nicole! Forum Index -> Leeds
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