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Late Doors

Black Mirror. White Christmas. Charley Brooker

Another one of these brilliant near Scifi dooms day prophetic mini dramas  where the unimaginable future is actually too close to see clearly. Already his previous series have taken a step closer to actuality and this latest tale of  technology infiltrating our lives is another harrowing vision of what could be

We had a little chat about writing or lack of on the Dr Who thread. These Black Mirror programs are as good as TV writing gets for me. This one off film length special was just that, special. CH4 , should be on catch up

A powerful parable of our times. We watched it last night. Very very original and more prophetic and on the money than anything I have seen for ages. It gave me hope that I'm not alone regarding my fears about certain aspects of the digital/internet age, but at the same time, and this isn't an exaggeration, it made me feel physically queasy. My stomach was doing somersaults. Excellent intelligent drama. I think I prefer CB's writing to his presenting of programmes.
smiling badger

Will defo give this a look. The last series was brilliant and prolly the best thing on the box in a long time.
His writing of these are ace but his presenting is also pretty good too. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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