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A cutting edge piece of internet forum journalism. Kept this reader guessing with the non mention of who was playing, and the authors cut to the bone lack of match incident is so authentic it's as if he is a total Leeds United fanatic who has paid good money to witness a team and club in crisis.

If it lacks anything it's a tyranical leader of the club hell bound on disenfranchising the clubs loyal supporters.

Here is an excerpt from the authors next work of genius Leeds United 3 v 0 Southampton.

We won. The end.

I'd like to hear them in audiobook format. Read out by either Stephen Fry or Alan Carr. Any other suggestions for suitable celebs to take on our lad's match reports?

Selwyn Frogget or Alec Guinness

We could get Sting to put them to music and record an album.

Or Joy Division.

Only William Archibald Spooner could do it for me.

Or Mae West.

I hope theres a sequel.
Late Doors

Sometimes, less is more.

Especially when it comes to Leeds United in the Ken Bates era. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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