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Birmingham Away

For those who weren't able to watch it via Sky or one of those dodgy streaming channels that are infested with malware.

Went up on my own as Barry is still sulking because we were 'kettled' by the local plod after the last midweek evening game there.

First shock as the wide open spaces - attendance about 15,000 I think. Half of the Gill Merrick stand where we were was closed and you could sit (stand) where you want.

Best performance I've seen for a couple of years. First 30 minutes we dominated the game - with Murphy, Berardi and Dallas linking up particularly well. Our first goal, which involved all three was excellent.

We had let them back into the game a bit, late in the first half, but caught them cold again after five minutes of the second when Dallas read Wood's flick on better then the defenders. If you watch this on Sky you can see my feet.

He's the best striker of the ball we've had for a while, maybe since Snodgrass or Howson. Tired badly in the second half though, could hear him wheezing from the stand.

They pulled one back almost straight away and for the rest of the half it was tin hats on.

They were all over us, although ironically we had two good chances. One header in from Wood (I think) and the other a terrible miscue from Mowatt.

We reverted to hoofball (always a danger when you have a big striker). Virtually every time Silvestri got the ball he just belted it in the general direction of Wood. General direction being the operative phrase as he'd have to have been positioned in the Kop to get anywhere near some of them.

We contrived to give away possession this way, and through generally poor decision making throughout the half and I was convinced they were going to equalise.

Mowatt was a bit unlucky to get sent off. He'd looked out of sorts anyway and i think it was more as a result of frustration with his own game than anything else.

Silvestri again looked the weakest link. When he does save the ball, he often doesn't catch it cleanly and his distribution is uniformly grim. In injury time, a shot coming straight at him he chose to punch (vertically) causing much confusion in the defence. A sign of a man who doesn't have confidence in his own catching ability.

Berardi and Cooper were good.

Bellusci's introduction brought groans all round and he provided the expected comedy moment when, just outside their penalty area, he chose to chip the ball directly into touch. Is there something in his contract that says he has to play some part in every game?

btw - BCFC come onto the pitch to that 'What's she going to do when there's a chimney on her' record ffs.

Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Thanks for the write up and glad you saw a good performance. I had PSGvsMCity on the telly but listened online to Leeds = very confusing experience

To be fair, the Man City game was just as bad with the real commentary.

I used to hate going to Birmingham City.

And Villa, although the latter was okay once you'd got inside at least.
Late Doors

Cheers FC , Sounds like a par for the course kind of game. Silverstri is the weakest link in a feeble chain. Like his two other countrymen capable of moments of brilliance but over a season bleeding liabilities. Any of them three stay here a minute longer than their existing contracts say then I am seriousley considering not reneweing my season ticket. I havent given up on Doukarra and Berardi is above average for our level although both capable of shockers. We replace the three aforementioned liabilities with three decent players and we could be a quite capable team.

Didnt even contemplate going to be honest. I too hate St Andrews and will only go again if something is riding on it. Villa however ive always liked going to funulliy enough. Never get the seething nasty atmos there like you get at St Andrews. I dont mind rough grounds but everything about a trip to St Andrews is shit.

It's not as bad as it used to be LD. Fans used to be right nasty bastards, but years have mediocrity have worn them down. A bit like us.

Police and stewards more laid back as well.

That particular part of Birmingham is still an utter shithole though.

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