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Thought we would see off the Tour de Yorkshire in Beverley by stopping over a couple of nights in this loveliest of Yorkshire towns.

Got the train over on Thursday to get there in time for a classy little lunch in cafe Vanessa. Great coffee, a fresh light sea food pancake, true mushroom soup and proper bread.

The town isn't all loveliness though I have to report. The new shopping center is hideously sterile and why anyone would want to venture out of such a charming town centre full of character and independent spirit to shop I do not know. Thankfully the rest of the town seem to agree as there were more shop assistants than shoppers in it whilst the center was buzzing.

One of the immediate impressions I got about the town was that the natives like a drink. More pubs than pound shops is always a good sign and we would be investigating further a little later.
First port of call for the evening was the old monks walk. Chap just taken over it and is turning it into a no background noise, no bandit type "proper pub" for conversation. Nice idea, a bit idealist but I've seen it work before so good luck to him. Needs to get as better beer selection though.

Talking of beer, Chequers lounge is a micro bar, a bit quirky but fantastic beer and a good vibe. The Corner house is modern, plenty of good ale on but the staff need to up their game. The White horse is an English Gem. Sam Smiths so good value but the place is just a living breathing museum. I had a solo run around a few other pubs and they were adequate but not that impressive

Food wise we had a splendid curry at Rumi's though they tried to fob us off with a crap dark corner seat despite us booking very early. Grants Bistro on the other hand despite its high rating was utter garbage in every way. We should have eaten in the ace White Horse Wetherspoons.
Top little town and worth a visist anytime. Some great old structures, parks and of course the wonderful minster Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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