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Best & Edwards - by Gordon Burn

I bought this primarily for some research but have really enjoyed it as a read of leisure - it's well-written (of course), it's intriguing, entertaining and actually quite emotive, something I might have doubted considering this is a book about Man U players, one of whom was a gifted god who turned into a gifted and pissed up waster sod.  

The Best in the title is obviously George, the Edwards is possibly less obvious, in Duncan Edwards, reputedly the best English footballer of his and any generation, who died after the Munich air disaster.  It's effectively a biog of both players, with the added finesse of examining 'celebrity' surrounding both players.  There's quite a lot about Bobby Charlton too, a man who I really liked as a kid - and I mean as a 4 or 5 year-old, just as football was luring me in - and of Matt Busby.  Those of you who know me probably know that I detest just about everything about Man United, right from the 70s, but this is a book above football rivalries and loyalties, it's a fab story of the parallels and the comparisons & contradictions of two fantastic players' lives.

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