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Late Doors

Benjamin Booker, Brudenell Social Club

Young guitarist singer with his drummer and bass player from New Orleans currently getting critical acclaim. Only picked up on him about a month back with his ace album of the same name and he just happened to be appearing at the Brude last night.

6 of us for this one and as usual we tarried in the lounge area before ensconcing ourselves at the front amongst a mainly young expectant crowd.

Two immaculate Gibson semis stood against his fender amp and he strapped on the black 335 before bounding into his set of punky swamp blues.

Great sound as you'd expect at the Brudenell, guitars crisp and drums firm. His vocals were a tad on the murky side but that was more about the riggers of touring on his young vocal chords than the sound system.

I wasn't expecting such a young band as their album sound is mature and deep conjuring up the deep Louisiana heritage of swamp blues. Think Gun Club meet Robert Johnson at the  voodoo crossroads on the bayou.

Live, their youthfulness shows. If i didn't know any better I would say Benj himself was pissed before he came on stage and downed his pint, tin of red stripe given to him from the crowd plus a few tins of Estella. Didn't seem to affect his playing or the band which was assured and tight.

The set had a good balance with slower sleazier drawls and faster more frantic poundings set either side of a lovely arcadia violin session. It ended in a cacophony of controlled feedback before one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen at a gig happened. It was either the most contrived but of planned spontaneity or something truly special.
By the time of the encore Benjamin had abandoned his guitar and was slumbering around the stage and then into the crowd before actually handing his red Gibson to a lad in the crowd just to my left. In fact the lad's mates had been getting on my tits with their pissed chattering throughout but he managed to plug the guitar in with the lead, played it whilst still in the crowd before getting on the stage to jam along jack white style brilliantly with the band during the chaotic but electric finale. Quite stunning. His mates seemed genuinely thrilled by it and it all seemed true enough just too good to be true. Maybe I'm more cynical than i believe.

Anyway, great gig, see what you think.


Ta for posting. Sounds good. Might have a look at some of his stuff. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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