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Jones the Steamed

Belarus 2000

Don't know if you can view them but here's my Facebook album of scanned photos from Belarus v Wales 2000.

Ace photo's

About that Russian trolley dolly?
Jones the Steamed

bearing wrote:
Ace photo's

About that Russian trolley dolly?


Don't know if they still do it but the railway gauge was 6" wider as you crossed the border from Poland at Terasspor (I think) going in to the old Soviet states.  It was a delaying tactic that Stalin introduced to hamper a rapid invasion of the Soviet Union so the train had to go in to a shed and get lifted whilst all passengers were on board as the Soviet friendly carriages replaced the dirty Western gauge carriages.

The same was true when we took the train from Warsaw to Kiev a year or two later.

At the time it reinforced the fact that we were entering a blast from the past nation , especially when the sattelite capped border guards came on board to inspect visas and passports.

Lukashenko had exiled one opponent just before we visited, looks like he's still up to his old tricks but what done the whole trip justice was switching on the TV when we got to our shabby digs to check out the media.  I do it whenever I get to a new country to get an angle, not on the entertainment front, just to see what floats the boat of the host country media wise.

I was stunned to see Lukashenko riding a traktor at a collective farm followed by 1/2 hour of folk music, followed by Lukashenko stood in front of a town hall receiving posies of flowers by adoring children, followed by folk singing, followed by Lukashenko giving out awards at a factory, followed by.....................guess the rest.

A grand total of 69 Wales fans made the trip on this occasion so feel honoured to have experienced a visit to a country that was still embedded in it's recent Communist ways.  The whole feel of the place was one of order, cleanliness and abject grey fashionless dress sense.

Had one dodgy moment trying to get to a nightclub across a park when I had what appeared to be a gun pulled on me but I was that pissed on the super cheap vodka I was invincible buy then.  Might have helped that my newly found Belorussian ice hockey playing friend told the squirts to do one too. Forum Index -> All other football
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