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There's quite a few round where I work in downtown Leamington.
I stopped giving them money years ago on the basis that they'd only spend it on booze/cigs/drugs.
A couple of things have happened recently.
Firstly I saw a young lad (well, in his 20's) who I know a bit, out begging. He's all right but has had 'lifestyle' problems which I thought he'd got over, so it was sad to see him on the streets.
Secondly, I've been surprised by a couple of people (both women) who have gone up to beggars, given them some money and actually stopped and had a chat with them. It seemed a more positive action than avoiding eye contact and hurrying past.

It made me feel like a bit of a miserable old git (dont!). I may change my strategy.

Pretty easy to be conflicted - although obviously there are deserving cases in amongst those who are just scrotes on the make.

Actually, I guess even the scrotes on the make might be deserving of some sympathy.

I gave one a $20 note just before Christmas because I basically found it myself on the streets and thought that it was so cold out that no-one would possibly be out in it unless they absolutely had to.

Hopefully he used it wisely.

Sadly the deserving cases, of which there are many, are masked by the 'professional' beggar scrotes. You know the ones, parked outside McDonalds or hole in the wall usually in their 20's, shell suit tops and smoking roll ups. They get a good amount of money then fuck off back to Burmantofts or somewhere like that.

Hence I wouldn't give a fucking penny to any of them.

you see the genuine cases gathering around the likes of St. Georges crypt

T'uther Saturday spotted a lad of about 14/15 coming out of that small Sainsbury near the train station and hand a pack of sandwiches to a beggar [with dog] sat near the doorway.

Lad walked off with two lasses into town.

Warmed my cockles.
Late Doors

None of them you described above H fit the bill of what i am seeing on a daily basis, everywhere. Not saying they dont exist but it is undeniable that there are more and more people falling to the levels of begging than we have all seen in our lifetimes. I have no problem handing them change and if a bit of it ends up in Burmantoffs im ok with that but it isnt the answer

This thread is very Anti-Burmantoftist, fuckin racists.

I work in Burmantofts!

My office overlooks some of the flats. So there.

Each to their own LD but they are more likely to get a piece of my mind than a piece of my silver.

Do feel sorry for genuine (often psychological) cases though but not the lazy fucking scrotes
Late Doors

Forest wrote:
This thread is very Anti-Burmantoftist, fuckin racists.

yeah disgracefull, i see you as a species rather than a race
Late Doors

Just back from Birmingham. Coming home after an ace pizza i carried a doggy bag because it was just too good to leave. A lad asked me for some money to buy some food as he was starving. I have to say, reluctantly i offered him my pizza.

"what kind of Pizza is it?" he asked. Fuck me i laughed, it isnt Vegetarian i replied and told him where it was from. He took it and examined it then looked at me with pleading eyes. "Have you got any money for a coffee?" he asked. I thought about grabbing the pizza off him and leaving as i was already missing it but sense took over and i said no. He carried on down the street and round the corner where tragically, i fear my lovely pizza may well have come to rest.

Should've told him, "Pizza off!" Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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