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Basement Tapes

Now all available on Youtube

I was surprised at how good the sound quality was. Expected something more tinny and scratchy.

I read somewhere that Dylan offered to show the Band how to write songs in exchange for being taught to rock and roll.
Late Doors

Hmm ,no wish to offend our Dyan loving friends but i smell a great big fecking rat with anything the Bob Dylan corporation does these days including the "discovery" of lost tapes to be relesed just before christmas

I've resisted the big version of this although there are some genuine new bits to it, some of the recording quality is very poor and although it's a fascinating snapshot, maybe the birth of what we now know as Americana, it was done on the hoof and if it hadn't been for the air of mystery surrounding Dylan at the time and his motorcycle 'accident' I doubt we'd be getting our knickers in such a twist.

My favourite tracks are when Richard Manuel steps forward. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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