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Just wondered whether anyone had been there recently.

About 10 years ago me the farts pulled off the M1 at J35? as the mrs wanted to take the dawg for a walk/crap.

We parked in a layby next to a badly-landscaped slagheap. mrs fc took the dog up the slagheap where a large middle-aged man with a grey mullet* and a lime green reflective shell suit was trying to wrestle a tree branch off a pit-bull terrier. It's growling almost masked by the synchronised shrieks of two car alarms and the sound of a wrecking ball demolishing a block of council maisonettes nearby.

We didn't stay long.

* thats a haircut not a fish. Just thought i'd better clarify that.

I was there yesterday and struck by how magnificent the Town Hall is. It's not the most exciting place I've been to but it's clean and the people are very nice even if they all look a bit lived-on.

Once you get through the language difficulties, they are very nice people. My friend Pete is from there (not many Barnsley folk ever leave the town of their birth, but he has and lives in Leeds). When we first met at work he introduced me to his philosophy on drinking: Tuesday is the new Friday! and I've been a convert ever since. Nice no-nonsense people, and from what I can gather they didn't need asking twice when it came to getting amongst it with the state police during the 84' strike.

Won 5-2

sheeps wrote:
Won 5-2

So glad we beat them.

We beat everybody.

We're a right bunch of beaters and no mistake. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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