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After many years of dislike I'm starting to like them.

Is this wrong?

Yes its wrong but i will admit I feel the same way. Now lets not mention it again.
Frazier Cranium

Kevin Khatchadourian

What he said.^


I was born in Gateshead. Luckily my folks moved S to Leeds in search of a better life.

When I was about 6 I think.

Why aye hinny.

Please don't hold this against me but a few years ago i was involved in a project to implement a barcode solution to track blood and ended up being able to read them!!!

the stripy ones that is (Code 39 to give them their technical name)

No chance with these new fangled 3D ones like

oh sorry THOSE barcodes.

Plastic Man

Seeing as it is the staple diet of the local bairns, do Greggs sell club-crested sausage rolls and pasties? Forum Index -> All other football
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