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Back Off The Net?

Saw this a while ago. Food for thought.
Late Doors

Bound to happen, everything has a backlash, dialectic innit. Hopefully some reasonable balance comes from it.

It brought it home to me a few years ago when trip advisor reviews were complaining of no free wi fi in the hotel rooms and bars etc had to have it to attract people in. I thought it was ridiculous then and do now. Yep, it's a world that's opened up to us to use and enjoy but like so much else, too much'll ruin it and you. Like sugar and sex

* Puts down wireless-enabled chocolate dildo *

Picks it up and uses.

Deactivated my Twitter account yesterday. As long as I don't log on in the next thirty days it'll disappear. Sorted! It was fun for a while but I don't feel I benefit from reading or posting on it. Waste of time.

I sacked off every contact I had on Facebook a few weeks ago.
Late Doors

You read about how insurance companies and employers are desperate for social media access and it really drives home how dangerous it is. They will get it eventually, legally, drip by drip as is they way, without people noticing or caring, untill its too late Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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