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Away Fixture

A mate of mine is emigrating next year to NZ, so a gang of us were thinking of organising a trip to go and watch Real or Barca as a bit of a send off for him.

What I was after, was any advice on good companies who do the match ticket/digs/etc. packages, or, is it better to just get flights and sort the tickets out when we get to whichever destination? doesen't have to be the two Spanish clubs mentioned, we'd be up for going to watch any decent European league team. So any stories of great experiences/good grounds/atmosphere etc. would be appreciated.

And we aren't bothered about 5 star digs either, all the lads going are serious passport and toothbrush travellers.

Ta in advance!  

I would guess that the 'package route' will cost more than the diy route. Don't know any off hand. Barca - you can do it all online or fly out on Jet2 etc.. and buy from Campo or outlets in the city.

all above stating the obvious. have a blast whatever! Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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