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Late Doors

August Bank Holiday Lark. LBT Huddersfield.

Latest production from Barry Rutter's Northern Broadside company. Down at the LBT, almost full with an average demograph of about 96. What is it with old people? Some are the nicest people ever and some are the worst kind of ignorant snobby superior shithouses ever. I guess you grow into what you are.

1914 East Lancs in the almost fictitious town of Green Mill although why they didn't just call it Greenfield i don't know, it so obviously was. Point of order Mr Rutter, in 1914 that whole area was Yorkshire and still is, where it matters, in the hearts of the people who live there despite the absurdities of political manipulation.  Cotton spinning and clog dancing rule but over yonder seas trouble is emerging and local lads are joining up for adventure abroad.

Its the anniversary of the "great war". All sorts of fractions are trying to claim the moral high ground and write the history books so i can forgive Northern Broadside for a clichéd story of friendship, community, love and tragedy during this truly horrific time of senseless slaughter. Maybe, just maybe the war, in the context of clashing empires, the time and history was inevitable and some might say justified. The logistics, tactics, strategy and complete disregard for life, ie the real impact of it can never be.

As expected a terrific performance, it needed to be. The story was week and predictable and only the live energy of the cast made it compelling. Despite the outcomes being predictable they sustained a sense of attachment. Too much singing and dancing for my liking although i seemed to be in a minority of one on that score. A few laughs here and there and a few gasps of tragedy made it a decent performance but i want to see something a bit more challenging from them the next time. I know they can do it, I've seen it and i hope they aren't going to continually plough the safe ground. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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