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I would like confirmation (or otherwise).

This is in order to settle a minor disagreement between myself and another member of the Birdingbury posse (let's call him Barry).

I maintain that the attendance announced at home games isn't actually the attendance but is the number of tickets sold. As STHs have a ticket for every home game, the 'attendance' figure is inflated.

However, I can't think why the club would want to do this.
Frazier Cranium

I believe you are correct.

Thanks OC. I'll take that as gospel and claim my pint.  

That means I go to every home game then.  tryyryo.gif

And have done since 1987.

Not bad, considering I've lived in the US since 1998.

must be costing you a fortune in petrol

And gas.

Bloke at work told me about Manc Police saying Scum were exagerating crowd numbers. Can't find owt, anyone else seen it?

Didn't look very hard.
Late Doors

Gaurdian on Saturday

Police keep actual figures which had to be released on Freeedom of Info.

So it's just a PR exercise then?

Hey guys. There getting 25,000 every game at ER. Lets go along even though the football's shite, the tickets are too expensive, the programmes full of adverts and the pies are made from horse.

It does seem to be a strange idea - surely HMIR might be interested? Forum Index -> Leeds
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