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Another refereeing quiz

I had to do another of those "In-Service" training sessions last night and this particularly train spotting "Laws of the Game" type question came up:

You are the Assistant Referee (i.e. Lino). Assuming you are running the line on the goal side, where should you stand according to FIFA directives, for the following situations:

1) A penalty taken during normal time (i.e. "during" the game).

2) A penalty taken during a penalty shoot-out (i.e. "after" the game).

3) For penalty shoot-outs, where should the attacking goalkeeper stand?

Admittedly, I did know the answers, but referee assessors get very, very irritated if you get these wrong in a game. A little bonkers.

1) In the bar

2) In the bookies

3) In the bath

I'm guessing that's about as close to an answer as I'm going to get from you connoisseurs of the beautiful game.  

There is some (vague) logic involved, although it is really quite tenuous.

I could do this as a multiple choice..........

What if the opposing keeper is taking a penalty?

1. level with edge of penalty area

2. Level with goal line

3. in the centre circle

I'll put you out of your misery:-

1) Where the penalty box crosses the goal line - i.e. eighteen yards from the near post - the logic being the lino can see if the ball crosses the line, GK movement and "other" player infractions and, if the ball rebounds out into play, he has a sporting chance of making it back to the side line and still see all the players.

2) Where the goal area crosses the goal line - i.e. six yards from the near post - the logic being it's easier to see if that ball crosses the line and GK forward movements, but you're out of the view of the GK. Rebounds etc obviously don't matter.

3) The opposition 'keeper must stand behind the lino of 2) in the same location as the lino of 1). The idea for this is that he then cannot put off the other goalkeeper. Obviously, as some smart arse mentioned, this doesn't logically apply if he's the one taking the kick.

The "other" lino is in line with the second last defending player in the other half (or the halfway line if relevant) for 1) and with the rest of the players in the centre circle for penalty shoot-outs.

* I didn't say it was that interesting *

I knew these but you just couldn't wait could you ?

*flicks V's in direction of Seskatchewan*

sheeps wrote:
I knew these but you just couldn't wait could you ?

*flicks V's in direction of Seskatchewan*

* Checks if abusing Canadians is a red card offense (sic). *

** It isn't. ** Forum Index -> Quiz bit
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