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Another Period

Can't remember if I've mentioned this show on here before - but this is quite an amusing little sitcom from Comedy Central featuring some of the few (imho) genuinely alternative funny US comedic-types.

It's set in the Gilded Age at one of the mansions in Newport, RI and principally features the antics of the "daughters" Natasha Leggero and Ricki Lindholm, but there is a great supporting cast, including the odd appearance by the comely Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Chair.

Based on skewering the whole upstairs/downstairs, rich/poor manners thing it must go pretty close to the edge of what the average American finds decent.

Makes me chuckle, anyway.
Late Doors

Sounds good, what is the "gilded age" ?

I might be wrong, but basically the late nineteenth Century when the tycoons here were amassing great fortunes and building 50 bedroom "cottages" in places like, well, Newport.
Plastic Man

Late Doors wrote:
Sounds good, what is the "gilded age" ?

Could it be a play on "gilded cage", which would be like in living in a luxury prison?

I suppose "Fin de Siecle" would work too. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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