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Ancelloti Sacked

Beyond farce. How can a manager that gets a team to second spot in what is supposed to be the toughest league in the world get sacked?

I'm sure he will do well wherever he ends up. Good luck to him. And fucksocks to that shadey bastard of a billionaireski. Foreign ownership of British clubs, bad idea all around. Yes I have said that before, and yes I have just said it again. There, I've said it.

I like it. I like the idea that he sits in a high backed chair facing the window that looks out to the feeding sharks, he slowly turns around, white cat in his lap. "So, we came second did you?"

Is he any worse than other idiots that own small virtually unknown clubs, I hear Barry Town have some bloke trying to pull the plug on them. Chelsea aint going anywhere. One man got the sack in a business where contracts mean nothing. You sign a three year deal and are out within 18 months.

Perhaps because they're not my favoured club i don't have strong feelings on this, but imagine Ken Bates got you to second spot in the prem and sacked the manager, you could either say he was nuts or you could say that he admirably wont settle for second.

It is about more than second spot though isn't it? They won no silver at all this year and they should have. Look how much that team is worth, it can not be denied that they should have been and have been under other managers, more successful.

I get the point that he is a bit nuts, he picks the team and tells the manager to manage them but he doesn't pick donkeys, he's not fielding a bunch of 40 year old men passed their prime. Like it or not that squad is world class.

The thing is on these super rich people buying clubs, it's done now isn't it? You cant un-invent the bomb.

No other club in England would have sacked their manager for finishing second.

Real Madrid have sacked managers after they have won the league and Champions League (different managers). Fucking crackers, Abramovich treats Chelsea like a succesfull/failing business and acts accordingly.

Is anybody really surprised or give a toss. Its Chelsea.


Go get your father's gun

I've just sacked myself in the PL competition.

Meisie the border collie is in charge next season.

She'll run rings around you lot. All fecking day. Forum Index -> All other football
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