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Given that it was decreed that the new manager had to be English, then he's the best we've got. I haven't always admired the football his teams have played, and he's won fuck all, but he seems to have the knack of getting the best out of mediocre players. And we've got plenty of those.

I expect the football to be more 'direct', but this might suit someone as quick as Vardy. He will also hopefully spend less time pissing about with diamond formations and select players to play in the same position and role as for their club.

A few of our players gained a reputation as being somewhat up themselves in the Euros, and I imagine he's the right man to explain to them succinctly that it's a privilege not a duty to play for England.

It will be interesting to see what he does with the Pizza eating twat, whose continued presence in the squad, let alone captaincy, continues to mystify me.

I think the appointment of Sam Allardyce confirms without a shadow of a doubt how unseriously the F.A. take international football. He isn't a world class manager. It's a joke. Nothing else to say really is there. England are fucking rubbish and appointing Sam because he's a bit of a favorite with the public is pathetic. Great article on The Guardian website by Paul Scholes about how shit the Premiership has become. Worth a read. Football in Britain has eaten itself since the beginning of the Premiership and the shitness of the England side is all the evidence you need to back up my latter statement.
Late Doors

 Oh Dear

Ad now Tommy Wright, Jimmy Flloyd and Cellino thrown in for good luck.

We're a laughing stock now. Didn't think things could get worse after the Iceland fiasco.

FA fuck all use now. The real power lies with The Premiership and the agents.

Can't see things getting any better unless Bobby Robson was cryogenically frozen and they find a way of bringing him back.

Once we're out the EU they won't be able to touch Cellino

I'nt football great?
Late Doors

bag o shit but Damm, i was really hoping Warnock would be the next England manager.

Late Doors wrote:
bag o shit but Damm, i was really hoping Warnock would be the next England manager.

Well I'm doing nowt.

Bit of extra cash on the Strawberrie front might help n'all. Forum Index -> All other football
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