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A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

In ATOTC Dickens attempts a historical novel. Writing almost a hundred years after the events of The French Revolution but capturing the energy and fervour of a people swept up in mob rule with his trademark literary skills. A great moral tale of how power corrupts, be it in the soon-to-be overthrown aristocrats or the new revolutionary ruling militia.

Although I enjoyed ATOTC, for me there wasn't enough character exploration, different superbly described locations, or razor-sharp wit. All of the latter of which I have been spoiled with and gorged upon in other Dickens novels. This has more poetry than plot.

Maybe OC could do a re-write of ATOTC - A Tail Of The Cunt - Ridsdale

I always think of the Monty Python sketch that includes "A sale of two titties" by Darles Chicken when I hear of this book.

I'm reet shallow, me. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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