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Might be the number of days Cloughie was at Leeds but it was also, at the time I am typing this, 44 years since I was sat next to those famous stairs at Wembley stadium awaiting Alan Clarke to nod in Mick Jones cross and lift the FA Cup for the only time.

The rest, of course, is history.

I was sat with the cat screaming at the black and white telly.

Seems like several lifetimes ago.

* Which, for the cat (Boo Boo), it was.

Why was the cat screaming at the telly?  

I wonder what happened to Mick Jones. Just seemed to disappear after retiring due to that dodgy knee.

Dalek wrote:
Why was the cat screaming at the telly?  

It didn't apply that day, but we used to jockey for position for the prime spot in front of the gas fireplace, sometimes with hilarious "I-scratch-your-fucking-face" consequences.

As long as she got fed and could lie in front of the fireplace, that cat was happy.

To be fair, I'm not so very different.
Late Doors

Wow, what a thing to be at H. Like others I was on the settee, beside myself with excitement. Especially as my brothers favourite team was Arsenal.
Not exactly filled ourselves with Knockout glory since have we? A mix of bottling it, apathy, crap tactics, sadness and bad luck has ensured the only thing we will ever win is a season long slog and then usually hanging on by the skin of our teeth at the end.

Off the top of my head there was the cup final the year after, The Euro cup final and the league cup final. One or two league cup semis, Euro semis, play off semis, play off finals...all horrible defeats not to mention the home FA Cup defeats to Wolves and pompey when the cup was ours to take. Treasure the memories though, at least we've won it once

Aye I was there in '73 as well but we don't talk about that do we. And also over in Paris in '75. Another one to avoid lol

Will we ever lift it again?

44 'tis my age... Forum Index -> Leeds
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