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Late Doors

25 Years of Reeves and Mortimer. Leeds Arena

First time at the arena for me but could not pass on a chance to see Vic n Bob Live. Saw them about 23 years ago and the imprint of tearful laughter is still with me. From the very first time I saw one of the first Big night Out shows whilst channel hopping Friday night tv after the pub they haven't stopped making me rub my eyes with laughter. They definitely make more sense after a few, that's for sure but that says more about their genius and my starchy sober reserve.

The crowd was younger than I was expecting but a good all round demographic of white working class . It was the first date of the tour and I was expecting MASS Emotional acclaim for them as they appeared. It didn't materialise in quite that way, just a very fond greeting. I was slightly disappointed in my fellow Yorkshiremen but that says more about my confused state of solidarity these days than anything.

Comparisons with Morecambe and Wise are inevitable, and justified. Bob makes some jokes about his recent Heart event just like Eric all those years ago and they were off. It was like a nonstop Greatest Hits of the early years. All the in jokes, defining show structures, some of the early characters and their empathy for the surreal came thick and fast, this is man love of the highest order. Covering each other, watching, getting their cues, laughing at the mistakes and forgetfulness, absolutely made for each other they represent all that is great about living and the world is an infinitely better place for it, Suffice it to say I love them and therefore loved the whole thing. I couldn't help shouting the responses, What's at the end of..... ...... Spin spin spin the wheel of.... etc. The Stotts just had me in Tears as they always did. Mulligan and Ohare astonished me with their realistic/absurd crossover. I bood at Graham Lister and laughed whilst Bob grimaced at the possible racism of one sketch.

lines were forgotten but quickly rescued with hilarious bonhomie. It was quick, maybe too quick for  the uninitiated and ended abruptly and unexpectedly short. I wont go on with any spoilers because if you get a chance go see them or get the dvd or check them out on You Tube. Above all celebrate and be thankful for them for they are truly national treasures
Plastic Man

For many years I was not overly smitten with VnB, finding too much of their oeuvre of silliness and surrealism, being simply childish and overly repetitive.

However, I have warmed to them more of late. I found their recent series "House of fools", while still high on the silliness and surrealism quotient, funny and entertaining, and was disappointed to learn that a new series was not going to be commissioned. The BBC missed a trick with that decision.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

I was there on Saturday too and had a good time in the end ... on balance

I agree the reception was lukewarm. Too many pissed up folk near me being annoying didn't help me get into it.

I thought they didn't make enough of the big screen - so much of their humour relies on facial expression, nuance, reaction to each other, cheeky asides to the audience. More use the big screen could've solved this - they were too distant for most of the arena to see.

The start was very shaky with them fumbling recent ideas and going on too long with recurring jokes that weren't working - took the wind out of the sails about - especially the hiccup/farting combo they were doing

Second half was bang on form but it was one for the fans only - folks who don't know them or only know them from Shooting Stars might have been very disappointed.

The best thing about the Arena is you can get in and out so quickly. Was out in time to enjoy a nice Sukothai in Headlingley by 10.30
Late Doors

I don't see it as childish, or possibly I don't see anything wrong with childishness in the context of adult humour. Don't want to get all! Jungian on yo asses but the child in us all needs to be released sometimes. It all gets a bit bolloxy when you try to analyze comedy but I see the repetitive slapstick and prolonged farting as caricatured absurdity, a key element of comedy and also as a two fingered salute to the zeitgeist. Then again I am the person who still laughs at the Marsden Hard End bus, dreams of living in Upperthong and has recently appreciated some marvelous  stroke play by De Kock.

Agree about the egress at the place, we were back in the King's head in udders for half ten
smiling badger

Saw this show last weekend in Ipswich.
Not a huge  Vic and Bob fan but have always liked their sillyness. Some of their gags were alittle over my head, perhaps if i was a V and B purist i may have got them. But all in all a great night was had and felt very entertained through out the show. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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