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Late Doors

2015. How's it been for you?

What should have been an absolute vintage one for us has been saddened with family bereavement and four reasonably good mates checking out prematurely. No drama, just these things happen don't they. Still doesn't mean its easy.

Got married, ace stag do in Austin, brilliant Green man, fab holiday in Slovenia, great gigs, great mates, some mega ale out these days, the Magic Rock Tap in Birkby is beer nirvana and drawing stumps at work has all been brilliant.

Seems to have been a load of deaths around us this year (one only last week) which included the very sudden death of the mother in law and the circumstances how I found her!!!

Let's just say my rather dry and strange sense of humour got me through when the 999 operator asked me to put her in the recovery position and try to resucitate her. When I refused I was asked why, to which I said 'she dead'. How do you know was the reply, 'because she is blue' Is said. Still images like that don't leave you and the effect it is having on the wife is aweful.

Also think there are signs of dementia with my mother. Really looking forward to where that one is going.

But hey I've got Leeds United to look forward to haven't I!!!!!

At least I support Leeds RL.

And there always the banter on here.

In the last year (and a bit) both me and Mrs Foz changed jobs, then after living in the same place for 16 years we moved to a bigger house, then both kids moved out to uni.
Still trying to catch my breath

Mrs FC took early retirement in the summer. Now making a right nuisance of herself.

Finally sold her dad's house in Bridgend. The infestation of venomous spiders probably put a few people off.

Both the kids have left home now. Older one getting married next year. Her partner's from Bury. He's a nice lad and has no time for the red shite.

We're rattling round in a four bedroom house and need to downsize. Been in the same place for 28 years so it will be a big change.

Both in good health and that's the main thing.
smiling badger

New arrival to my family.

My mum recovering from Cancer, again.

Work being plentiful.

Leeds are still shite but you cant have it all ways, hey.

Oh, and got myself a new van. Easily pleased me.

A fairly uneventful year for me, although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Finished off 90% of the garage/addition/garden/stone wall projects (still have to sort out some grass areas that were attacked by grubs and set the inside of the garage up properly) and have been refinishing some of the interior wood floors.

One of the dogs developed seizures - to the extent I thought she was a goner - but they seem to be kept in check by drugs taken every eight hours.

The Grindstress changed jobs and seems much less stressed by life, even though it's arguably a much higher pressure job with ridiculously optimistic deadlines and income targets (yeah, those'll easily be doubled in a year in the current economy).

Still playing vaguely competitive footie, but I think I've only a couple of good years left to impress Leeds enough to take me on a pay-to-play basis.

The in-laws are coming for Christmas and beyond this Thursday.

Feck - it could still be a crap year then.... Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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