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20 years since Britpop

It was Blur v Oasis in the press but this encapsulates the spirit for me.

smiling badger

Must admit to having very little interest to it a the time that it was about. Not saying that there wasnt any good music coming from that era but it just didnt do anything for me.
Still doesnt if im honest.

Interesting. It got me back into music. I never really got into grunge and all the Manc stuff.

Here's the lovely Louise Wener

Late Doors

Still seems like modern times in many ways but in others it seems eons away. Wilko losing the plot, grinding 0-0 draws out under GG and the arse end of the despicable Tories. Blimey we couldn't even envisage what has now been and gone. All that jubilation and celebration to come crashing down. Fucking hell, could be depressing if you thought too hard about it.

I thought Blur and Oasis were alright but my fave stuff of that era came from Pulp, Suede and Radiohead. It was a good period, optimism adventure, hope. Might have known it wouldn't last. Bush, Blair and the NWO and then Bates and all that so called RnB shite came to rub salt in.

I fear that popular music has returned to the 'Tin Pan Alley' days with the charts are dominated by grinning autotuned loons who can't sing, play or write, but simply act as a conduit for the transfer of pre-pubescent pocket money to the wallet of an oleaginous impressario. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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