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1000s call for North of England to become part of Scotland

Fuck off. I don't want to be part of Scotland. They can become part of 'The North' if they want and we allow them in.
Plastic Man

Are they mad? The climate is a lot more shite in Scotland and they're plagued with midges.  Not just flies, but that Nicola Budgen. Chuck in heart disease and a serious speech impediment - who in their right mind wants to become part of that?

And if they want deep fried Mars bars, I spotted that one of the takeaways by Leeds Uni (the proper one, not the johnny-come-lately fomer sixth form college or whatever, i.e. not the one that can't decide what it should be called) is now selling them.

For the old school amongst us - it's near Nafees.

The funniest thing that came out of the independence vote was that had the Scots voted to sever their link to the Union then the life expectancy of the remaining kingdom would have increased by four months.

kilts, bagpipes, deep-fried offal, hairy knees, Andy Murray, The Krankies, being crap at every sport, curling, George Galloway, pubs shut on Sunday, shite beer,

what's not to like.
Frazier Cranium

Looking at a map of England, doesn't Lancashire look more like t'Midlands?

I would like Leeds to be an independent region, part of the continent of Yorkshire.

If they want it let them have it. So long as it is achieved peacefully and democratically, couldn't give a damn.

But that's the problem isnt it Carp it won't be. It's all about oil and gas isnt it. Geographically it located off their shores but to date most the investment has come from England and Scandinavia.

Let them name a price, there's probably 'only' 20-25 years of reserves yet

This is all knackers and rhubarb passing itself off as a story. England will remain England as we know it and Scotland will remain Scotland as we know it. IMHO the SNP didn't WIN Scotland, Labour LOST Scotland. Now that the SNP are in the commons it'll make PMQ and debates interesting but I'm sure that within months of being in Westminster the SNP lot will be showing a less vigorous stance and end up lethargically toeing the line and faffing about as much as the other parties do for their constituents. I love Scotland and it's people and think its great that they get a say in things but as for borders being realigned, it's pish and flummery if you ask me.........I know you won't. Scotland will never secede from the union and do you know why? Because the Ministry of Defence will never let them. There are far more powerful players involved in this than politicians.
Late Doors

Rhubarb and knackers?. Weren't they support act for Bernard Manning at the embassy club?

This devolution, creating independent countries and cities in the north is just a way of ring fencing London's wealth. OUR CAPITALS wealth so that it can't be shared with us, the people and descendants of them who built it and made it rich in the first place.

It's just a massive con to turn us into a federal state economy where regions compete with each other Yankee doodle dandy style. Its only following trends that's been going on for decades now where our economic and social models are getting closer and closer to our friends across the pond. The only difference is they do it better and we will be left with all the negative elements and  the positive ones enjoyed by an elite few. Rhubarb and Knackers indeed

My rhubarb is doing very well on my allotment this year I will let you know.

Mine too - almost too well as it's taking over.

Heyho wrote:
My rhubarb is doing very well on my allotment this year I will let you know.

That'll be the knacker compost.

I have no time or respect for those that promote devolutionary or regional bile. If that is the way they feel, have a vote and go. In the UK we have much less of it than Spain, Belgium, Italy, Kosovo, Bosnia,  Ukraine, to name a few. Most nations have richer regions, poorer regions, industrial regions, economic centres, tourist centres, agricultural regions. The UK is no different Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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