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Am I some sort of Jonah as far as LUFC are concerned? 12 home matches over the last three years and I've seen us win just twice. Once of these was last season against this lot and once the year before v Yeovil. I have all these things in a spreadsheet.

Apart from the goal, we never troubled their keeper. Bamba is a decent old school CB but fucking hopeless against little guys who run fast. Bellusci would have seen a straight red for a gusset high tackle if he hadn't missed the guy by 2m.

Some of the E stand were getting after Mowatt. I hate that. Targeting one player, when in fact the whole team was pretty shite.

I had four layers on (base layer, shirt, fleece and jacket) and I was still fucking freezing. I don't know how you lot cope with it.

Late Doors

I've not been Big Steve's biggest knocker since he came un fact I've agreed with a lot of his selections and post match analysis but he was out thought on Saturday and made a stupjid substitution.  Murphy was absolutely running our show before half time and despite their neat passing and possession we would have gone two up if we had anything like a decent front two. Antenuchi reverted to form and Doukara was everywhere except in the box. Three or four overhit passes into touch when we were pressing summed it up.

They then doubled up on luke and instead of toughing it out he shrunk like he does. At least he kept them occupied but once Cook came on his cavalier running, loose passes and brainless positioning allowed their fluent passing to cut through us.

Mowat was garbage but the keeper was worse. Him, antenuchi an bellusci will be a constant triple handicap for us but untill the fool in charge realises that we are doomed to constant mid table dull football whilst consistently conceding goals from the simp!est of set pieces Forum Index -> Leeds
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