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"That's all for this week, see ya next week!"

Brian Matthew, presenter of Sounds of the 60's has died aged 88. A gem of a Saturday morning radio show. His depth of knowledge regarding sixties music was unsurpassed by any other radio presenter I've heard. All the obscure freakbeat and psychedelic stuff he played was a real treat. As were the lesser-known b-sides of more established groups. And he always had a crate of American soul that might have gone under the radar on its initial release. Always witty and interesting when telling the listener about the stories behind the music as well. Top man.
Late Doors

Yeah, he got some snidy stick from the hep cats but i always enjoyed his banter. Didn't the beeb announce his death a while ago somewhat prematurely?

I loved a bit o' Bri on a Saturday morning, not many agreed with my choice of channel Sat am but like MOD and Antiques Roadshow, this girl was not for turning.

I shall miss him. And Phil 'The Collector' Swern.

I refuse to get up at 6 am to listen to Tony Blackburn.

There are some people that do what they do very well and do not get the popular recognition for the things they do. Brian Matthew was such a person.

Sure - he had a loyal audience. I heard his show not too regularly (and am not a 60s bod), but when I did listen to him, I was engaged and entertained and I always felt somehow at ease listening even if it was not my favourite music. His enthusiasm for the music he played was evident - even if sometimes understated.

This shows a true and interested professional at work.

RIP Brian Matthew. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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